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SIMAD University was created in the year 1999 as an institute of higher learning. It intends to foster academic excellence and after some years of numerous achievements and achievement, on January 20, 2011, it was upgraded into a full-scale University. SIMAD University is situated in Somalia and the institute offers various rages of global standard undergraduate courses in many different disciplines. The areas are statistics, economics, business, computer science, public administration, law, education, technology, allied health sciences, and accountancy.

It consists of 5 degrees; ESP 080-Foundation, ESP 090-Beginner, ESP 100-Intermediate, ESP 101-Advanced, and ESP 102-Mastery. At SIMAD University, the Faculty of Management Sciences presents exceptional learning experience aimed at developing skills in the area of bookkeeping, business, management, and promotion. The school provides degree in business management, procurement and logistics management, accounting, and finance and banking. College of Computing has the latest hardware and software installed.

simad university Faculty of Economics prepares students in Statistics, Economics, and Planning, They offer Bachelor degree in Statistic Planning and Economics, Faculty of Education aims to create good students who will be the future teachers in the nation, The university provides school based in-service training for postsecondary teachers, There are just two degrees Bachelor of Science in Education (one for Biology and Chemistry and another for Physics and Immunology ), Faculty of Medicine and Health Science provides four diploma programs Medicine, Nursing, Microbiology and lab sciences, and Public Health.

SIMAD University offers graduate programs to which is of two kinds in-house which is the college official post-graduate program and the other is the lively collaboration with Malaysia’s Open University. The graduate studies aim to give quality programs of post-graduate programs in a distance and open learning atmosphere. SIMAD University CEPAD constantly organizes and conducts academic conventions. The Conference on Economics and Public Administration (CEPAD) is a collaboration between the faculty of Social Science and Economics. The university motto is”The Fountain of Knowledge and Wisdom”.

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